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J series High-speed printer

J series High-speed printer

WT-J1508 WT-J1808

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Upgraded J series high speed printer, which can match many models of Epson heads. The X axis of movement system adopts Hiwin mute linear guide component. carriages goes up or down, which adopts four circular orbit slide blocks and stainless steel screw rod, which makes carriage movement more stable. The perfect combination of finishing feeding pinch rollers and pressure paper components, which makes feeding material not arched or deflective. The use of fan and infrared drying device in the same time, which can make material dry quickly in high speed printing stituations.

Epson 5113

Epson 5113 head, the quantity of nozzle is 400×8=3200 Nozzles, and it is more than twice of DX5 and DX7. For the quantity the nozzle is more, the resolution of this printhead is higher. It can do high speed printing by 3 pass. The speed of one printhead can reach 30 m² go further in the advertising industry and textile digital printing industry.


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