UV Printer
Whirlwind series UV Hybrid Printer

Whirlwind series UV Hybrid Printer

WT-FS1808 WT-FS2508 WT-FS3208

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Industrial-grade UV multifunctional printer. It can print roll to roll material, also can print board material, It is the terminator of eco solvent printer, solvent printer, banner printer and flatbed printer. Its movement system adopts Japanese Fuji server and rubber roller which is equivalent with the diameter axle of 5 meters high-end machine. The X axis adopt Hiwin linear guide: the double guide rails and four pieces of mute slide block structure, which makes the carriage movement more stable, and the resolution of printing picture higher. LED water-cooling system can make the wick more durable.

Ricoh GEN5

Ricoh G5 head:1280 nozzles and ignition frequency:60 KHZ, grayscale piezoelectric nozzle, variable ink drop printing, the minimum is 7 pl, and the maximum is 35 pl, it is applicable for UV ink, water-based, solvent, eco solvent etc. all kinds of inkfink. With constant temperature and electrical insulation system. it is not easy to be influenced by the work environment and the viscosity of ink temperature. It is made from the separate small plate, connecting line, and the core nozzle, whole steel structure, extra strong corrosion resistance, which can be continuously long time inkjet, and it is not easily inclined gush. Its average service life is about from 3 to 5 years, beyond 2 times of the similar printhead.


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