The Advantage of Epson 5113 sprinkler

Compared with the 5 generation and the 7 generation, the advantages of the Epson 5113 sprinkler are as follows:

1, the number of nozzles is

The 5 generation 7 generation spray head is an integrated nozzle with 8 rows of nozzles, a single row of 180 holes, a total of 1440 jetting holes and a minimum of 5PL. The injection hole of the 5113 nozzle is 4 rows of X800 holes, with a total of 3200 jet holes, and the number of holes in the 5 generation and 7 generation is much higher than that of the 5 generation and 7 generation.

2, size:

The 5113 sprinkler is a 1.3 inch nozzle, which is more than 35% more than the 5 generation and 7 generations.

3, speed:

because of more nozzle and higher physical resolution of the nozzle, the 5113 sprinkler machine can achieve high speed 3pass printing, the single nozzle speed up to 35 flat / hour.

4, Wute, there are 5113 outdoor machines only one domestic manufacturers at present.

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