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Notes on the installation and use of photo machine

Installation attention:
Photo machine installation should be located in neat and clean space. The ambient temperature is between 15-25 degrees. The humidity is 40%-70%. The equipment must be strictly grounded, and the power supply is not easy to fluctuate in a large range. If the power supply is unstable, it is recommended to install a voltage stabilizing device.
Use note:
1, careful not to water and oily ink mix, mix ink to ink supply system and ink jet jamming. Original ink is your best choice. Selection of different brands of ink wash ink.
2, can not be charged plug printing line, otherwise it will cause the damage to the main board.
3, do not rub the nozzle head, ink can be used without hair cloth or good quality paper towels to wipe off the sticky suction can, otherwise it may cause ink hole plug.
4, the machine must be ground, when the air is dry, the electrostatic problem can not be ignored, when using certain gum and light medium, with electrostatic charge (especially quickly in the paper work speed); the electrostatic charge can cause the machine head and safety grounding wire will take damage, ESD is the only method.  Because the human body itself is a huge source of static, so the charged operation head, ensure that the hands have been discharge (contact grounding conductors or wear anti-static bracelet), damage or cause damage or individual ink ink.
5, midway operation must be careful not to let ink, ink splashing into the car on the motherboard, head reset, observation table, optical axis, the car stop grating (especially) have no pollution of ink, if the ink should be immediately set to clean up.

6, regular cleaning of filter residue in the ink cylinder, to prevent the precipitation into the bottom of pipe blockage pipe and head. 

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